Other Ceremonies

I offer a variety of services to complement whatever ceremony you are considering. Here are some examples, however I'm available to discuss your particular requirements if you have something unique in mind.

Commitment Ceremonies
Commitment ceremonies are designed for couples wanting to publicly declare and celebrate their love for each other without the requirements of legal recognition. Whether you are mixed couple who does not wish to attain legal recognition of a marriage, or a same sex couple wanting a ceremony every bit as important as a wedding, I can help tailor a ceremony to suit. While gay marriages are not yet recognised legally in Australia (hopefully this will change!), the City of Sydney has adopted a Relationships Declaration program as a means of recognising the partnership status of those in same sex relationships (and mixed sex relationships that do not wish to legally marry). For more information on the program you can visit the Relationships Declaration program website.

Renewal of vows
Also known as a Re-Affirmation Ceremony this special occasion is based around both reflecting the journey a couple has been on since commiting to each other and confirming their love and commitment for the future. You may like to include family and friends who weren't able to attend your marriage or perhaps you would like your children and grandchildren there to witness your expression of love for each other.

Naming Ceremonies
Naming Ceremonies are special non religious rituals to acknowledge and celebrate your child's entry into the world. Naming Ceremonies in my experience are a beautiful and personal occasion where family and friends get together to celebrate the child’s birth and welcome them into their new life. Guardians and mentors can often play a special role in these ceremonies, along with Grandparents and other family members.

Custom Ceremonies
I am also more than happy to help you build a custom ceremony for another special occasion you have in mind.